Big Summer 2022 ride

Cycle Ride July 2022

Well we knew it was going to be hard cycle ride, but the weather should have been dry and overcast, but turned into dry and sunny and warm… so the ride started out from Windsor in perfect conditions but a few hours later it was getting hard work.

There was just the three of us, David, Colin and me, but we had a really good ride and a catch up on life and work. I love these days out because I feel like I’ve really done something different from the normal and got some exercise in.

The route was from Windsor through Bracknell to Crowthorne – first coffee stop – then out through Wokingham to Henley and Marlow – secound coffee stop for cake as well – then there is a massive climb out into the Chilterns which is ok until half way there is a hairpin bend thats is at about 45 o thats not much fun, its the gift hill that keeps on giving! Then we went downhill into Cookham and along the Thames back towards Windsor. Yes, it got a bit hot by the end but really enjoyable ride. 50 miles went passed in a blur.

Colin had to stop at Henley to get the train – his new bike should be on order by now! Yep, you’re going to have to give that bike back to your daughter now!

We are hoping to draw attention to the charity – Children’s Air Ambulance – because they do so much for the NHS but get all funding from the public. We can’t get loads of money from them but if we can highlight what they do then the job is done. If you can a small donation would be most appreciated as they really do the most amazing job of taking children around the country when speed and or comfort is of the utmost importance.

See you out for the next ride!

Bike Ride Sunday 19th June

We had a core of four turn up with apologies  from a few others who couldn’t make it, but we four thought it a wonderful way to spend our morning on Fathers Day!

Arriving in Windsor all ready, some more ready than others…. David seemed to be ready for a week long cycle ride, I should have worked out how the App I was using would show the route whilst I was actually out on the ride…. In the end we knew the route so it was not an issue but I’ve learned a lesson for next month’s ride!


We set off into Eton then towards Cookham on lovely flat, and not too busy roads, before the climb up out of Cookham that then leads down into Marlow. The weather was perfect for cycling, not too hot and dry so we picked on the park for a coffee and a chat, catching up on what we were all up to in our lives.

Next, we split into two  groups so that Mike and Dave could cycle home towards Reading and Chris and I went off to Bourne End and then I swung off towards Windsor – but flexibility is the name of the game with these rides so we don’t pressure anyone into doing something they don’t want to do.

Overall a lovely ride and great to catch up with everyone.

Looking forward to the next ride.

How I looked at the end…not too bad – I’ve looked worse!


2022 and its game on!

We have sorted out a couple of events for the summer – ordered great weather and fixed dates in the diary.

As usual it’s very informal and just a chance to get a few people together for a bike ride and a chat….

Charity – its not a “have to” its a “want to” and strangely enough both David and I (Paul) have separately seen presentations by the Air Ambulance (and the Childrens Air Ambulance is part of this) and been grabbed by what they do and the costings…. there are a few facts that stunned us both.

  1. it is TOTALLY funded by the public
  2. it costs £3,500 per flight
  3. it is relied on by the NHS

What I personally don’t understand is why certain charities are not funded in some way by the Government. The RNLI spring to mind.

Is it that someone in Government thinks the public will dig into its pockets to support these so they don’t have to….just saving money?

I’d be interested in hearing what the charities say about this, I am very obviously not an expert.

But anyway – this is our current charity so please support this if you can.

Where on earth is Watopia and has anyone given you a “Ride On” recently?

Welcome to the world of Zwift! Zwift is essentially a video game that keeps you fit. Watopia is a virtual world and is one of the 8 worlds Zwift has created and the only one which is not based on a real-world place. The other “worlds” you get to ride in are London, Paris, New York, Yorkshire, Richmond (CA), France, and Innsbruck.
As the winter months of 2020 loomed, I started to investigate my indoor cycling options. I had tried a turbo trainer before, but I was always bored within 5 minutes and found it to be more torturous than fun. With some help and advice, I bought a Turbo Trainer, connected to the Zwift app via my iPad, the Zwift Companion app via my phone and have not looked back since! A friend warned me that it is addictive. I did not believe him, I should have!

You must not expect real world graphics. Zwift decided to have a graphics style that works to get people riding and not to look like the real world. What it gives you is many ways to keep you motivated and to keep you riding. There are badges to be collected for every route you complete and “drops” to be collected for every mile you ride and “Ride on” you receive. “Drops” are the currency of Zwift which allows you to “buy” virtual bikes and wheels.

There is a route to cater for every need, the shortest at 1.9 miles to the longest at 107.9 miles. There are hilly routes and flat routes, there are workouts, races and group rides that are free to join. You can ride with professionals; you can create a meetup and ride with friends. Most people are super friendly and will give you a “Ride on” – like the real-world nod or wave at a passing cyclist! In August 2020, they added Pace Partners. These are Bots that ride at a consistent pace on a particular route. You can join the bot who rides closest to your pace and see if you can keep up. And if you want the experience of being able to talk to anyone in a group ride (if it is advertised as having “discord”) you download the “discord” app to your phone and you can have a good old natter with your fellow riders.

Zwift is not the only indoor training option out there, but it is possibly the one with the greatest community. I have read so many testimonials on various Zwift Facebook groups I follow where people share how the Zwift community and the motivation, they get from Zwift Group Rides, races, and workouts has helped them during the emotional turmoil of lockdown or how they have got back to fitness after illness or injury or even found fitness for the first time in their lives! It is also accessible to people with varying disabilities. Zwift must be doing something right because as of November 2020, they had grown their subscriber base by 270%. At popular times there can be around 28000 riders riding at the same time!
Now my quandary is do I keep my Zwift account going through the summer? – it’s so convenient to pop into the garage for an hour – or should I pause it and restart again in November?

Can an E-Bike really be good for your health?

It is widely accepted that exercise can increase your lifespan by reducing the risk of chronic disease such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Asthma, Dementia, Arthritis, Cancer, and the list goes on. Cycling boosts your immune system, improves mental health, slows down the ageing process and is less stressful on the joints.

A study by the University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University found that the extra pedal power provided by an E-Bike enabled more mature riders to explore their local area, to have opportunity to interact with people and the natural environment, secure in the knowledge that power-assist would get them home stress-free. It was found that cyclists between 50 and 83 years old, on E-Bikes, experienced increased cognitive and mental health benefits compared to a normal bike.

“It is really encouraging, this research suggests older adults’ cognitive function – particularly what we call, executive function, as well as processing speed – could be improved by cycling in the natural or urban environment, even when that was on an electrically assisted e-bike.” – Lead researcher Dr Louise-Ann Leyland”

E-bikes provide a brain boost for older riders, study finds

As E-Bikes move out from the realm of the eccentric into the mainstream cycling scene, even youngsters are riding them! The current World E-MTB champion is British born Tom Pidock, at the tender age of 21! We were sceptical about the merits of an E-Bike …… but keep reading, they have a lot going for them.

  • You can be sure that you will get a workout!
  • You will arrive at the top of a hill huffing and puffing!

The following quote is from an article written by Sim Mainey for the MBR (MTB Cycle magazine) after riding an e-bike for the first time in a e-bike MTB race series:
“The trail we ride up would make an awesome downhill – rocky, lots of ledges, loose corners. This is the moment it clicks. This bike lets me ride up what would be impossible on an ordinary bike, potentially opening up a whole new way of looking at rides. With an e-bike the uphills can become the best bits. I arrive at the top lungs gasping and mind blown.”

What’s it actually like to compete in an e-bike race?

Thank you to Kehorne’s Kathy Turner for writing this article – Kathy is a keen cycling enthusiast.

Cambridge to Milton Keynes to Oxford

Cambridge to Milton Keynes to Oxford – August 22/23 2020

Charity – Kehorne will be using this event to raise some money for Orchid Male Cancer

Visit our Just Giving page to donate. Every little helps and 100% of the money donated goes to charity, we spend our own money to do the trip.
This is just for Kehorne so don’t think for one minute you are expected to get involved in this side of the trip!

Donate to Charity

Closing date to secure spot 14th August 2020
Train and hotel bookings are your own responsibility
Cambridge to Milton Keynes to Oxford
22nd – 23rd August
Staying at Premier Inn – Milton Keynes Central (Theatre District) hotel on Saturday 22nd August

Day 1
Earlier train Saturday morning to Paddington (currently the 8:08 from Slough, arrives Paddington 8:22), cycle to Kings Cross (25 minutes), train to Cambridge at 09:12, arrive at Cambridge at 10:00 am
Then Cambridge to Milton Keynes – 50 miles (roughly 5 hours cycling, with an hour for lunch)

Train details – The slow trains to Paddington do not need any booking for cycle space bookings, only the fast train.
Train from Kings Cross to Cambridge – no cycle space needs booking – just turn up and jump on!

Day 2

Cycle from Milton Keynes to Oxford – 40 miles (roughly 4 hours cycling)
Train from Oxford to Slough – 16:30, arrive at Slough at 17:13 – again fast trains need cycle spaces pre-booked, slow trains no problem.
But, there are options other than that, cycle further, stay in Oxford or get the train back.

Donate to Charity

Other useful information

Evening in Milton Keynes…assuming anyone feeling like it, we propose just wandering out of the hotel, finding a nice place to eat and go for a couple of drinks… nothing big or late…we’re too old!

Next event – early stages of the plan!

We have a plan to do a cycle ride along the Cycle Route from Oxford to Cambridge in mid to late August with an overnight stay in Milton Keynes.

Just a plan at this stage but hopefully we can get a few people together …. keep an eye out for more info as the plan comes together….

What are our plans, given the current situation…

Well, we had originally planned to start doing casual weekend bike rides in the spring, but what with ‘one thing and another’ that has not been possible. So until we have a clear idea on when we can actually meet as a group we are not planning anything. Our current plan is to start doing them in the Autumn, and they will be organised routes with clear start and end points and times, of varying distances and complexity.

Our first one will be a round Reading route, with a stop at the Lodden Brewery, then through Henley and back to Reading. The whole route is 19 miles, and has one biggish hill and another smaller hill.

We are posting pictures of our rides on Instagram (, and if you want to be featured, use the #itsonlycycling tag on your posts.

Check back soon, to see if we have any updates, stay safe, keep cycling 🙂