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Given the current situation with COVID-19, our plans are currently flexible.


Is in the planning stage so watch out posts on social media….


We did our usual big ride out this September from Windsor – Oxford – Milton Keynes – Cambridge 136 miles over 3 days

There was 3 of us out for this – and we were so lucky with the weather – no rain and not at all cold. Perfect cycling weather – the Sunday got a it hot but with plenty of water it was not too bad.

6th June 2021 | Started – The Cinnamon Café, Windsor | Arrive 09:15 | Leave 09:30

David and Paul in Windsor

Another good cycling day and I guess because without thinking too hard we had picked a weekend at the end of the school holidays I suppose we competed with family time at Legoland!

But Dave and I met up for a leisurely ride out to Crowthorne for a coffee passing through some rather nice parts of Bracknell using the back roads and cycle ways that Bracknell seem to have got pretty well sorted – reminded me a bit of Milton Keynes which is amazingly cycle friendly.

After coffee and cake we went off towards Henley through some lovely countryside, as soon as you get outside Crowthorne there seems an abundance of wonderful routes to take and it did seems to get the flow of the ride going well.

Coffee stop in Crowthorne

We stopped in Marlow for lunch at the half way point and because it was just the two of us we picked a park with some sandwiches and chilled out for a while, catching up on personal life chats and a bit of business talk – who can resist talking shop even at the weekend! Good place to get some inspiration I think.

Off towards Beaconsfield and back into Windsor with the only real hard climb of the ride.

Another enjoyable day out and looking forward to the next one.

Showing the mileage and rought route for the ride

Our next ride is a little less challenging than our last one, this one is a gentle 54 miles, starting at the Cinnamon Cafe in Windsor, down to Crowthorne, up to Henley, then through Marlow & Beaconsfield before returning to the Cinnamon Cafe in Windsor. We are doing this on 6th June meeting at 09:15 and leaving at 09:30. If you can’t do the whole ride you can join us on the route, please email Paul ([email protected]) so we know that you are coming.

Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can have a leisurely ride stopping for lunch in Henley, with Coffee stops in Crowthorne & Beaconsfield, you can see the route here :-

We hope you can join and look forward to seeing you at The Cinnamon Café on the 6th June at 09:15, meeting at The Cinnamon Café, Windsor Central Station.

Sunday May 9th 2021- We picked a good weather day!

Cycling for fun

We set off from Windsor on time – David Horne (in charge of route planning), Paul Fogg (head of coms – I had all the phone numbers), Mike Rose (drafting king), Gary Hook (far too fit – training run) and Darren Evans (so 60 miles not enough)!

We picked an unfortunate route start out towards Maidenhead as the M4 was closed and thus the road was pretty busy but soon got off that and headed towards Cookham, always a lovely stretch of road. We then headed towards High Wycombe and ended up going on a few cycle paths which made the going slow but turned into the back of High Wycombe and after losing Gary for a while stopped for a coffee before heading out towards the Chilterns proper and destination Chinnor – we hit the first big hill, rounded a corner and there it was! Dave decided to have a break half way by falling over in the middle of the road, unfortunately most of us missed his comic moment!

Beautiful surrounding in the Chilterns makes the hills worth the effort and we got to Chinnor for lunch, although the café I had picked (all my fault) had almost run out of food as they had a fair going on next door…Chips or chips anyone? But the sun was out enough for us to sit outside and keep warm. Note to self… pick a pub next time…

After leaving that we had a route re-plan as the current one seemed to be taking us far to many times onto some pretty rubbish cycle routes without even tarmac…. so many thanks to GoogleMaps and pretending we were cars got us on the way to Watlington and onto routes that a few of us already knew going past Stonor and into Henley for another coffee break.

Having decided that knees had had enough of big hills we cried off the Remenham hill and went out to Wargrave and back into Windsor on the  A roads saying good bye to Gary and Dave in Maidenhead.

Some rather keen members did a fair bit more – and it wasn’t Paul, Dave of Mike!

Really enjoyed the day out and a chance to do some miles in great company, good to catch up with people and meeting Darren in the flesh was excellent…. too many Zoom meetings!

Looking forward to our next planned event…..


We will be doing a round trip route from Windsor to High Wycombe to Marlow to Maidenhead and back to Windsor.

Approx. mileage for the day out would be about 58 miles at a leisurely pace with appropriate stops for lunch and coffee along the way. If we get the timings right we might be able to have a staggered start so people can meet up at slightly easier points.

The Plan:-

Start in Windsor at 9.30am from the Cinnamon Café in the Central Station area.

Lunch is planed to be at White’s Field Community Hall, Mill Lane, Chinnor OX39 4RF where we will be out in the sun topping up the suntan!

This route should be available to download so anyone can join in and dash off if they wish to.


Saturday September 26th 30 mile ride out

From either Reading or Windsor meeting up at Marlow for coffee.

How did our last ride go!

We didn’t expect huge numbers because its such a local sort of bike ride, but in Windsor we had Mike Rose (, Chris Bantock ( and Paul Fogg, ( and from Reading Kathy Turner ( and David Horne (

From Windsor;

We started out at 10.15am from Windsor – already the Central station area was full of cyclists! Mad lot! Following the rough route out of Windsor we tried as best we could to keep away from the main road, which was lucky because the M4 was closed and the local roads even busier than usual.

Lovely dry sunny but bit cold, but a good ride into Marlow. Found the coffee shop which was full so walked just down the road to sit in the garden of Cote for a coffee, although no cake – making do with a pastry was very much a disappointment for me… not saying it was all about the chocolate cake…but it was! The Reading crew arrived just behind us so our timings worked out better than I expected.

From Reading;

We met up at Reading station at 10am, it was a perfect cycling weather, dry, good light but not too hot. Leaving Reading was busy, with huge queues for the drive through McDonalds (we didn’t stop there, before you ask). Once we had got to the Thames towpath the whole thing got a lot more relaxed, with just a few pedestrians to avoid. It got really quiet when we left the river and back onto the A4 cycles paths, lots of cars but not as many cyclists. Then through Wargrave, up a long hill (I like hills) and then cross country on little roads all the way to Hurley. Once across the footbridge at Temple (which is really nice) we had to wait whilst groups of runners on a 50 kilometre race went by, making us feel decidely lazy! A short hill, and then into Marlow for coffee and pastries.

After a chat and coffee we set off back, David and Kathy back to Reading, Chris went off to High Wycombe (I don’t think he had had enough hills)! Mike and myself went back to Windsor on a slightly different route. Great ride and good to see everyone…. looking forward to the next trip out, already got a couple of guys interested so watch this space.

This ride was 15 miles each way, so a good challenge or a good training run, depending on your level

We will be starting in two groups – one in Windsor the other in Reading. Using the back roads so nothing off road but as quiet as we can make it. Route details below. Route is about 15 miles to Marlow so total ride under 30 miles.

Start time will be 10am meeting up in Windsor – Meeting at the Windsor Central station (NOT the Riverside station)! OR Reading Station and then meeting in Marlow about 11.30am for a coffee and cake!

We will be using the opportunity to raise some money for a local charity Rennie Grove Hospice Care but there is no need to feel like you have to raise any money or be involved because of this.

Windsor to Marlow

10am Windsor Cinnamon Cafe Goswell Hill, Windsor SL4 1PJ (in Windsor Central station area)
10.15am leave for Marlow

11.30am arrive Marlow – The Cedar Coffee Shop, 28 West St, Marlow SL7 2NB

Coffee and (Chocolate) cake

12.00pm depart short ride around Marlow then home or directly home…. depends on what you want to do!

Reading to Marlow

10am Reading Station

10.15am leave Reading Station for Marlow

11.30am arrive Marlow – The Cedar Coffee Shop, 28 West St, Marlow SL7 2NB

Coffee and (Chocolate) cake

Options are to go for a short group ride around Marlow before heading home

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Kit List for overnight bike rides only!

Really useful

  • hat
  • shades
  • padded shorts (for Paul “The Wimp”) and no mesh shorts or you’ll find out the hard way why!
  • suntan lotion
  • change of clothes – lightweight stuff , fashion very optional!
  • ibuprofen
  • USB charger
  • snacks – although we always find a place to stop for snacks
  • water (David… this is on the list just for you)!
  • Lip balm
  • puncture kit
  • train tickets/hotel booking reference
  • money!
  • mobile phone!

Useful not essential

  • small towel
  • pen
  • shower gel
  • ear plugs (if you ever have to share a room….don’t ask)!

We will be using hybrid bikes… nothing serious! Don’t forget, pack light – you are dragging all your stuff with you!

Anyone interested please get in touch asap as single rooms at the Milton Keynes hotel will get filled up quick…but other options are available.

Stay Safe, keep cycling