Bike Ride Sunday 19th June

We had a core of four turn up with apologies  from a few others who couldn’t make it, but we four thought it a wonderful way to spend our morning on Fathers Day!

Arriving in Windsor all ready, some more ready than others…. David seemed to be ready for a week long cycle ride, I should have worked out how the App I was using would show the route whilst I was actually out on the ride…. In the end we knew the route so it was not an issue but I’ve learned a lesson for next month’s ride!


We set off into Eton then towards Cookham on lovely flat, and not too busy roads, before the climb up out of Cookham that then leads down into Marlow. The weather was perfect for cycling, not too hot and dry so we picked on the park for a coffee and a chat, catching up on what we were all up to in our lives.

Next, we split into two  groups so that Mike and Dave could cycle home towards Reading and Chris and I went off to Bourne End and then I swung off towards Windsor – but flexibility is the name of the game with these rides so we don’t pressure anyone into doing something they don’t want to do.

Overall a lovely ride and great to catch up with everyone.

Looking forward to the next ride.

How I looked at the end…not too bad – I’ve looked worse!