Can an E-Bike really be good for your health?

It is widely accepted that exercise can increase your lifespan by reducing the risk of chronic disease such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Asthma, Dementia, Arthritis, Cancer, and the list goes on. Cycling boosts your immune system, improves mental health, slows down the ageing process and is less stressful on the joints.

A study by the University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University found that the extra pedal power provided by an E-Bike enabled more mature riders to explore their local area, to have opportunity to interact with people and the natural environment, secure in the knowledge that power-assist would get them home stress-free. It was found that cyclists between 50 and 83 years old, on E-Bikes, experienced increased cognitive and mental health benefits compared to a normal bike.

“It is really encouraging, this research suggests older adults’ cognitive function – particularly what we call, executive function, as well as processing speed – could be improved by cycling in the natural or urban environment, even when that was on an electrically assisted e-bike.” – Lead researcher Dr Louise-Ann Leyland”

E-bikes provide a brain boost for older riders, study finds

As E-Bikes move out from the realm of the eccentric into the mainstream cycling scene, even youngsters are riding them! The current World E-MTB champion is British born Tom Pidock, at the tender age of 21! We were sceptical about the merits of an E-Bike …… but keep reading, they have a lot going for them.

  • You can be sure that you will get a workout!
  • You will arrive at the top of a hill huffing and puffing!

The following quote is from an article written by Sim Mainey for the MBR (MTB Cycle magazine) after riding an e-bike for the first time in a e-bike MTB race series:
“The trail we ride up would make an awesome downhill – rocky, lots of ledges, loose corners. This is the moment it clicks. This bike lets me ride up what would be impossible on an ordinary bike, potentially opening up a whole new way of looking at rides. With an e-bike the uphills can become the best bits. I arrive at the top lungs gasping and mind blown.”

What’s it actually like to compete in an e-bike race?

Thank you to Kehorne’s Kathy Turner for writing this article – Kathy is a keen cycling enthusiast.