What are our plans, given the current situation…

Well, we had originally planned to start doing casual weekend bike rides in the spring, but what with ‘one thing and another’ that has not been possible. So until we have a clear idea on when we can actually meet as a group we are not planning anything. Our current plan is to start doing them in the Autumn, and they will be organised routes with clear start and end points and times, of varying distances and complexity.

Our first one will be a round Reading route, with a stop at the Lodden Brewery, then through Henley and back to Reading. The whole route is 19 miles, and has one biggish hill and another smaller hill.

We are posting pictures of our rides on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/itsonlycycling), and if you want to be featured, use the #itsonlycycling tag on your posts.

Check back soon, to see if we have any updates, stay safe, keep cycling 🙂